I thought I would start a blog on medium. Why? Probably saying a bit about myself first might help.

I am a father and husband foremost.

Secondly, I am fascinated by Zen.

Thirdly, I have found embracing Zen and meditation in my life to have been greatly helpful for my mental health, role as a husband and father, and in my work life as a physiotherapist.

Finally, I feel bringing some “Zen” to healthcare is important and hope this blog might help.

I have been regularly meditating for a number of years. I was recently away in a wonderful part of Western Australia called Karijini National Park. I spent some early years of my life in a place in northern Western Australia called Kununurra. …

I feel ego and attachment is a massive issue in healthcare. It was with me, and still sometimes is.

Alan Watts:

“The ego is nothing more than the focus of conscious attention”

As healthcare providers we are encouraged to provide patient centered and informed care. …


Husband, father, physiotherapist. Trying to bring some shoshin to life and healthcare.

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